3 Reasons to Make Soft-Close Hinges Part of Your Semi Custom Cabinets

When you’re shopping for cabinets for your new kitchen, consider making soft-close hinges a necessary feature. They look nicer, they are quieter and they make your cabinets easier to use…

Your semi custom cabinets will have a cleaner look

With soft-close hinges, you’ll only see the beautiful wood or finish of your semi custom cabinets because the hinges are on the inside. That means nothing to deter from the beautiful wood grain or custom color you’re picked out for your dream kitchen’s cabinets. It also means less time spent on cleanup, because kitchens are bound to have spills and it’s much easier to wipe down a cabinet door than it is to get goop out of metal hinge with all its moving parts!

Your semi custom cabinets will be quiet (shhhh)

I was the most fond of our soft-close hinges when my husband worked graveyard shift. Even with heavy curtains on the windows to block the light and earplugs in his ears to block the sound, it was always hard for him to get a good, long, uninterrupted sleep. Knowing I could be busy in the kitchen without slamming any doors or drawers offered peace of mind.

Your semi custom cabinets will be easier to use

If you’re like me, you often have your hands full in the kitchen as you carry ingredients to and fro, answer the phone while stirring a pot, or put away groceries as fast as can be. When your semi custom cabinets have soft-close hinges, they kind of just shut themselves, making it a little easier for you to keep getting stuff done. If you have toddlers who will take advantage of an open cabinet door, or teenagers who seem incapable of closing things after opening them, you’ll appreciate this feature for sure!

Soft-close hinges are becoming commonplace so should be an option when you’re shopping for your semi custom cabinets. Just ask. But also ask about any warranties, because these hinges will work hard and you want them to last. At Wellborn Forest Products, we offer soft-close door hinges with a lifetime warranty for years of quiet opening and closing—and beautiful cabinet doors.