5 Reasons to Make Your Blue Shaker Kitchen Vision a Reality

Are you dreaming of a blue Shaker kitchen design? Because we have to say pictures of blue Shaker kitchens are dreamy! We’ve been looking at all kinds of beautiful kitchens done with blue Shaker cabinets, and they are surprisingly different and unique, while all gorgeous.

If you’re drawn to blue in your new kitchen as you imagine what it might look like, here are five reasons to consider making that vision a reality:

  1. Blue is neutral. No, really! Look down at the pants you’re wearing. Are they denim? Most people wear jeans these days, and they wear those jeans with all kinds of colors. And what color are jeans? Blue, of course! And blue can be just as neutral in your kitchen design.
  2. If you want a blue Shaker kitchen, you can have any shade or type of blue you’d like, from a pale Robin’s egg blue to a rich, deep navy color. Our paint match program matches the Sherwin Williams color you’re in love with to paint your semi custom cabinets in just that color.
  3. You have plenty of options for how you’ll use the blue in your blue Shaker kitchen. Go for a tuxedo style kitchen, with blue semi custom cabinets below and white wall cabinets above. Use your blue Shaker cabinets for the kitchen island only. Or use blue cabinets to create a focal point in your kitchen, perhaps around that commercial style range you’ll install.
  4. A blue Shaker kitchen is a versatile kitchen. We’ve written time and time again about the versatility of Shaker cabinets in the kitchen, with the ability to fit with a traditional style or a contemporary one (or a transitional style, for something in between). And even a blue Shaker kitchen has this same versatility. Only take a look on Pinterest and you’ll see all types of styles with blue Shaker kitchen cabinets.
  5. Blue Shaker kitchen cabinets also work with a range of countertops, from quartz to granite to butcher block. Honestly, looking at pictures, we were surprised at just how many types of countertops work seamlessly with blue cabinets. The butcher block countertops look especially nice. Something about the blue makes the natural beauty of the wood stand out.

Your new kitchen is just that: your new kitchen. If you want bright blue cabinets with yellow curtains waving in the breeze of the open window, go for it. If you want a beach house look reminiscent of the seaside with light blue cabinets and off white walls, it’s doable and it will look lovely. That’s the thing about kitchens these days: Almost anything goes. So don’t be blue about blue: Make blue come true!