Beyond Holiday Kitchen Décor: Tips for Prepping Your Kitchen for Holiday Meals

Is your kitchen holiday ready? Sure, it’s that time of year when you’re drawn to Pinterest, searching for ways to add holiday kitchen décor to your home. But you’ll enjoy your kitchen more this season if you prepare ahead of time for all the cooking you’ll be doing. And by that, we mean more than the big trip to the grocery store.

Below are several ways to make sure your kitchen is ready for the holidays, so you can prep now for ease later…oh, and have time to set up that holiday kitchen décor along the way!

Take stock

First and foremost, take inventory of what you do and do not have well in advance of when you’ll need it.

  • Linens: Are your tablecloths, placemats and napkins in good shape? Or do you still have that red wine stain from last year’s New Year’s Eve party haunting you?
  • Towels: Should you buy some new kitchen towels before the holiday cooking starts?
  • Dishes, glasses and silverware: Are you missing any pieces? Do you have chips or cracks since last year, meaning you need to buy replacements? What about pieces like platters, bowls and serving spoons: Are you ready?
  • Cookware: Do you have a roasting pan big enough for that turkey, enough pots and pans to get you through the meal prep, and a coffee carafe that is big enough for your expected crowd?
  • Kitchen staples: Make a list of those ingredients you use during the holidays and double check that you have what you need. Remember the unusual ones, such as those roasted chestnuts you use in the stuffing, as well as the basics like flour and butter. How about your spices, herbs and extracts such as vanilla? Do you have what you need? While taking stock, check expiration dates too. It could be you have plenty of thyme but it’s old and “time” to buy more.
  • Kitchen extras: Stock up on non-food items too, such as garbage bags, kitchen towels, plastic bags, dish soap, scrubbing sponges and food storage containers.

Prep for the cooking

Secondly, set yourself up for success in the kitchen by cleaning up and clearing out ahead of time.

  • Clean up: Your kitchen is about to get very busy, and that means messy! Do a thorough cleaning ahead of time, and you won’t notice the buildup. Empty and wipe out the refrigerator. Get the stove and oven extra clean. De-clutter your countertops so you have more room for prep work.
  • Clear out: You want to make room for the foods you’ll be buying for holiday meals, so clean out the fridge and freezer, maybe with a leftover night on a rainy day. Check the pantry too, to make sure you have room there for the holiday staples. You can donate canned and dry goods to the local food bank if you need the room.
  • Ready your utensils: Sharpen your knives, count your wooden spoons, and be ready to cook!

However you celebrate the holidays, food is probably a focal point. Be ready for your holiday cooking this season by preparing your kitchen ahead of time, and you’ll find it’s far easier and less stressful to get all of that cooking (and cleanup) done!