Create a His and Hers Bathroom–and Happier Marriage–with Semi Custom Cabinets

Just what can you do with a bathroom? Plenty when you’re using semi custom cabinets in your new space—and that includes creating a his and hers bathroom.

Would you like a his and hers bathroom?

Your average married couple shares almost everything and has little privacy. That’s just the reality of marriage. You are doing some messy work together, with raising kids and making meals and cleaning house and running errands and paying bills. And you’re doing all of that within the confines of one household, sharing both a bedroom and a bathroom. You see each other at your best when all dressed up for an event. And you see each other at your worst, when down with the flu or dealing with a colicky baby.

So it’s perfectly normal to sometimes want just a little bit of your own space—especially in the bathroom where some privacy is desired or where he’s tired of her makeup all over the counter and she’s tired of fighting for the sink space when rushing to get ready for work in the morning.

What’s the answer? Some people claim separate bathrooms can be good for marriages, but not everyone has the space for two master bathrooms—one for each spouse. So how about a his and hers bathroom instead?

How to create a his and hers bathroom with semi custom cabinets

When you’re using semi custom cabinets, you can create a his and hers bathroom with separate spaces within one room (as opposed to needing two bathrooms). Usually a vanity with two sinks is most common feature of a his and hers bathroom. But you can do much more than that. For example, if one of you is taller than the other, the sinks and counters can be at different heights. If one of you needs more storage space than the other (cough cough she does cough cough), then extra cabinet space can be provided on her side and perhaps the linen closet goes on his side. Perhaps he needs a certain kind of lighting and mirror for shaving while she needs something different for putting on makeup or tweezing brows. Semi custom cabinets help you to make all of that happen.

By using semi custom cabinets you can also create storage space that’s customized to your needs, such as a place to store extra blankets or the beach towels you only use in the summer, or whatever those needs might be.

Finally, using semi custom cabinets for your his and hers bathroom gives you plenty of design options, because you’ll have hundreds of styles and finishes to choose from so you can get exactly what you envision to make your dream bathroom a reality.