Crown Your Semi Custom Cabinets With Serious Ceiling Style

Your new kitchen deserves your full attention in planning, from top to bottom. It’s easy to get focused on the semi custom cabinets, the appliances and the floor. You see all of these each time you walk into the kitchen and all three elements play a crucial role in your new kitchen design. Yet your kitchen ceiling can also have a big impact on your kitchen design, so let’s look at some ways you can enhance your new kitchen with some serious ceiling style…

Paint the kitchen ceiling

At Wellborn Forest, we love color and we know you do too. That’s one reason we offer our color-matching service, so you can get exactly the color you want on your new semi custom cabinets. But how about painting your ceiling with color? We’ve seen beautiful ceilings painted robin’s egg blue, spring green and even a simple antique white. Painting your ceiling can also be a quick fix if your budget doesn’t allow for anything more elaborate or if you’re remodeling an old kitchen and you have imperfections to hide.

Create a beadboard ceiling

Only take a quick look at Pinterest and you’ll see beadboard ceilings are quite popular in today’s kitchen designs. Beadboard ceilings can be painted the classic white, or they can be painted a color like we’ve described above. Some homeowners add coffers or beams to create even more visual interest with their beadboard kitchen ceilings.

Use planks instead of beadboard

For a more rustic kitchen design, some homeowners are using planks on their ceilings, and leaving the wood natural or using stains rather than paint. We’ve seen lovely light woods, darkly stained plank ceilings, and every shade in between.

Add interest with faux beams

Faux beams can be rustic, heavy wood beams that give your kitchen a substantial feel, or they can be refined, painted white, and trimmed for elegant visual detail. Beams can go over flat painted ceilings, or over ceilings covered with panels, beadboard or planks. And best of all, they’re fake, meaning they don’t bear any weight, so you can place them wherever you want.

Get fancy with a coffered ceiling

Coffered ceilings seem to be very popular for kitchens right now. A coffered ceiling has a grid of beams with sunken panels, and it can be built over any other kind of ceiling described above (except one with faux beams, of course). These beams can be plain and streamlined or detailed with molding and lots of edges.

Choose a tin ceiling

Punched tin ceilings are reminiscent of architecture of old, but homeowners today are giving tin ceilings a fresh new look and with surprising versatility. Tin can be used with beams and in a coffered ceiling. Tin can be painted or distressed, old looking or shiny new. If you like the look but don’t want to cover the whole ceiling, you can use tin on only part of your kitchen ceiling, such as over the kitchen island, for example.

Get detailed with stenciling

Stenciling is one last design idea for your kitchen ceiling. Stenciling can be done on only a section of your ceiling, such as to call attention to a gorgeous vent hood over your range, for example, or as a border or over the entire ceiling. The choice is yours! Stenciling–like paint–is a low-cost alternative that can add visual interest to your kitchen without much cost. And–like paint–it’s easily painted over later if you tire of the design.

Fancy kitchen ceiling style is not required for a gorgeous new kitchen, however. Even if you decide to stick with a plain white painted ceiling for now, your semi custom cabinets will be enough to give your new kitchen the look you’ve dreamed of at a reasonable price.