High Tech Gadgets and Appliances to Include in Your New Kitchen

Dreaming of your new kitchen and wanting it to be as efficient as can be while looking reminiscent of a farmhouse kitchen of old? That’s totally doable! Your semi custom cabinets don’t have to be sleek and smooth for your kitchen to be high tech. You can go as traditional or Amish or rustic as you’d like when choosing your semi custom cabinets, because it’s the appliances doing the heavy lifting that will bring the convenience of high tech to your kitchen—not the look.

High tech appliances

Technology has definitely made its way into our kitchens and our cooking! If you want a state-of-the-art kitchen, you got it, with appliances big and small.

You’ve got your small appliances that you can add to your kitchen any time, like:

  • WiFi enabled food scales and tea kettles
  • A crockpot you can operate remotely from work
  • An automated cocktail maker
  • A deep fryer that reads recipes for you
  • Digital measuring cups that measure by weight and can convert from ounces to grams for you
  • All kinds of high tech coffee makers, tea brewers and juicers too
  • Even a fork to keep track of what you’re eating

And you’ve got your big appliances, the ones you’ll want to incorporate into your new kitchen design from day one, such as:

  • WiFi enabled refrigerators that you can control from afar—and that will tell you if the kids left a door open. Plus they can be your smart phone for you if you need to call for a pizza at the last minute when everyone’s hungry and there’s no time to cook.
  • Ranges that do the same: let you control them remotely using your smartphone. Held up in a meeting and getting home late? Preheat the oven before you even walk through the door.
  • Motion activated faucets, like those you find in commercial restrooms, that can be turned on by a wave of your hand—very handy when you’re hands are filthy with cookie dough or messy with raw meat.
  • Built-in barcode readers that will keep track of what you’ve used up and create a grocery shopping list for you.

High tech life

In addition to the technology that can make your kitchen time easier and even effortless, high tech kitchen trends are taking into account the other technologies that are part of our everyday lives: the smartphones, tablets and laptops. As a result, charging stations built into semi custom cabinets are becoming de rigor, so devices can charge up without taking up room on the counter—or leaving unsightly cables lying around.

But as we said at the beginning, these high tech gadgets, appliances and charging stations can fit into any kitchen design, so you’re free to choose whichever semi custom cabinets will make your vision a reality. Your new kitchen can both look exactly the way you want and function exactly the way you want as well.