Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Still Dominate Contemporary Kitchen Design

Some things never go out of style. Think of the elegant, well-fitted clothing of the 1950s, or the classic look of a 1936 Buick Roadmaster. It seems that no matter how far contemporary design might differ from the designs of the recent past, some looks have a timelessness that gives them perennial appeal.

Such is the case with Shaker style kitchen cabinets too. What we know today as Shaker style started in the 19th century, as Shaker communities built furniture that was minimalist yet functional. Pieces of Shaker furniture are so revered as to be collected by museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

No matter how are tastes change from age to age, the simple, classic and straightforward design appeals to us, and continues to drive a demand for Shaker style kitchen cabinets.

That timelessness makes Shaker style kitchen cabinets versatile. This style of kitchen cabinet can work in a traditional kitchen or a modern one. Shaker cabinets are perfect for transitional style kitchens—those that are an eclectic yet comfortable mix of contemporary and classic.

If you choose Shaker style kitchen cabinets, you won’t lock yourself into one look forever. You can go for one type of design now, then change up your kitchen later without having to get new kitchen cabinets, especially when you buy well-built kitchen cabinets that will last you for many years.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets can be stained or painted. They can be lightly stained so the natural wood grain shows through, painted white for a ageless look, or painted one of today’s trending colors such as a deep, soft blue.

Perhaps because the look started with furniture, Shaker style kitchen cabinets have a furniture look to them, meaning they fit perfectly into other rooms such as a family room, or in an open concept kitchen enhanced with built-in cabinets beyond what’s needed in the kitchen area. They also make lovely kitchen islands with their furniture-like appearance.

Whether you peruse Pinterest or scour kitchen design blogs, one thing is for sure: You will continue to see Shaker style kitchen cabinets used in all styles of kitchens. And why not? It is the ageless style that continues to dominate contemporary design.