These Designer Details Dress Up Semi Custom Cabinets With Style and Class

If you’ve planned out your new kitchen and you’re starting your search for kitchen cabinets, you might already know semi custom cabinets make the most sense. They are affordable yet customizable to your space, plus these cabinets are available in dozens of styles and finishes.

And as you search among the semi custom cabinet manufacturer websites for that perfect cabinet style and finish, keep in mind that you can also add another layer to make your new kitchen uniquely your own: You can add details.

Details are a crucial element in your kitchen design

How important are the details to the success of your kitchen design? Very! In fact, American designer Charles Eames is quoted as saying, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”

And that’s what we strive to make possible for you as a manufacturer of semi custom kitchen cabinets. In addition to our dozens of cabinet styles and finishes, we offer design details such as moldings and accessories that can transform your beautiful new kitchen into a stunning room unlike any other—details that can “make the design.”

From corbels to cornices

You can crown your new semi custom cabinets with a simple cove or an elaborate cornice molding, support overhanging countertops or vent hoods with corbels ranging from fancy to subdued (a particularly nice touch for your kitchen island), add fluted posts to the front of your cabinetry, use rope molding as a detail on your cabinet doors, or choose from a variety of columns to use as decorative legs or design elements that site flush with the cabinets—just to name a few possibilities.

With these kinds of designer details, you can easily and affordably broaden your already diverse range of cabinet style choices, to create a new kitchen that’s an individual—and stunning—as you are.