Why Semi Custom Cabinets Are the Best Choice—and Customizable With Color!

Shopping for cabinets and a little confused by the options? You’re not alone! Kitchen and bath cabinetry options are almost endless! But we can help you narrow your search a little bit, by encouraging you to look at semi custom cabinets only.

What are semi custom cabinets?

Semi custom cabinets fall into a category between stock cabinets and custom. Stock cabinets are essentially off-the-shelf premade cabinets. They are affordable, but limit your options because they only come in certain sizes, especially if you have any kind of an odd size or a special need. The styles, colors and finishes are usually limited too.

At the other end of the scale you find custom cabinets, which are made specifically for you and your kitchen or bath. With custom cabinets, the sky is the limit and you can have whatever you want in whatever color you want. But that kind of limitless possibility comes with a very high price.

In between those two options are semi custom cabinets, offering high quality and some degree of customization at an affordable price.

Why you want semi custom cabinets

Semi custom cabinets are the best choice for many people remodeling kitchens or bathrooms because they offer a certain degree of customization with plenty of style and finish options but at a much lower price than you’d pay for custom cabinets.

With semi custom cabinets, you still have some limitations in sizes, but you can adjust certain dimensions. And you have many more choices of styles, colors and finishes! At Wellborn Forest Products, for example, a semi custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer, you’ll find 96 different door styles in three types of wood, plus literally hundreds of finish options, including glazes and paint. With that many choices, it’s practically custom!

Make semi custom cabinets more custom with color

If you want a specific color for your kitchen cabinets, you might think you have to choose (and pay for) custom cabinets, because there’s no other way to get that particular look. But there is a way to make semi custom cabinets even more custom, with exactly the color you want. With a paint swatch or using Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer, a color matching technology, we can build your semi custom cabinets in your choice of color—no matter what that color might be.

With semi custom cabinets, you can have the look of custom without the price tag. Who wouldn’t want that?