3 Ways to Trend-Proof Your Kitchen—With the Right Semi Custom Cabinets

We’ve all had that hairdo or shirt or jacket we thought was such a good idea at the time: fashionable, trendy, hip, cool. Then years later we see a picture of ourselves with that trendy look and think, “I wouldn’t be caught dead looking like that today!”

If you’re designing a new kitchen or remodeling your existing one, beware the kinds of trends that can seem like such good idea and later turn into a decision you regret. Instead, make an effort to trend-proof your kitchen. That way if you should need to sell your house in the future, you won’t have an outdated kitchen lowering your asking price. You’ll also have a kitchen you can enjoy for many years to come vs. one that you tire of in a short time when it’s no longer the de rigueur look and its popularity has waned. This is particularly true when it comes to your semi custom cabinets.

To help you make choices that will continue to appeal to you (or a future homeowner should you sell), here are three ways to avoid chasing trends and create a kitchen that will stand the test of time.

  1. Choose white
    White kitchens and white kitchen cabinets are as timeless today as they ever were. They are neutral yet have an appeal that doesn’t grow old, and they are surprisingly accommodating: You can go crazy with your wall color or accessories with the white kitchen cabinets as a backdrop. Want lime green because it’s the “in” thing? Go for it. You can always paint over it later.
  2. Go transitional
    There’s a trend toward contemporary styling in the kitchen, but that can be a cold look that grows as cold as the food in the fridge. So consider a kitchen that’s more flexible instead, with transitional kitchen cabinets. Transitional kitchen cabinets aren’t an actual style like Shaker or bead board. Rather they are cabinets that can go different directions. Shaker kitchen cabinets, for example, work in both modern kitchens and traditional ones. You won’t be locked into one look with transitional kitchen cabinets, and that’s key to trend-proofing your kitchen.
  3. Make storage a priority
    Storage never goes out of style! So take advantage of your new kitchen to optimizing your storage options. These days, semi custom cabinets have plenty of creative storage solutions to choose from, solutions you’ll never tire of and that will increase your kitchen’s appeal should you sell your home someday. In addition to those creative solutions, maximize your semi custom cabinet space too, if you can. For example, design your wall cabinets to extend all the way to the ceiling, and consider including a kitchen island. The more storage, the better!

Trends will come and trends will go, in hairstyles, clothes and, yes, even kitchens. Make sure your new kitchen will stand the test of time by taking steps to trend-proof it from the outset!