Customize Your Semi Custom Cabinets Even More With These Clever Storage Solutions

One huge advantage you get with semi custom cabinets? Plenty of kitchen cabinet storage solutions!

Depending on how old you are, you might remember kitchens without any fancy storage options. I remember when I thought a Lazy Susan was a marvel! No more reaching way into the back of a cabinet!

Granted, I grew up in a small house with a tiny kitchen that more closely resembled a galley or a hallway than any kind of a functional room for kitchen. (Later after I was grown and gone, my mother had it remodeled to be much more functional. I still don’t know how we coped as well as we did in that tiny, nonsensical kitchen for over 20 years!)

Old-fashioned kitchens lacked storage solutions

Kitchens didn’t use to have any kind of special storage solutions. You had drawers and you had cabinets. Period. If you wanted to sort out your silverware, you bought a tray to add to your drawer for that purpose. Cooking utensils and measuring cups were jumbled together, and you stacked your pots and pans a certain way to fit them into the cabinet. I still to this day have my wooden spoons in an old coffee pot on the counter because that’s the way I’ve always done it (and how I grew up).

Anyone else remember kitchens like that?

Today’s semi custom cabinets offer storage galore

That’s not how we roll today, however. Today’s kitchens are uber efficient, with all kinds of creative storage solutions that you can shop from when buying high-end semi custom cabinets.

Only consider all of the efficient storage options you have when designing today’s dream kitchens:

  • Knife block dividers
  • Utensil organizers
  • Smart storage for small spice jars
  • Pull-out drawers for garbage bins, pots and pans, you name it
  • Tray dividers
  • Clever storage for cleaning supplies
  • Tip-out trays
  • Skinny pull-out storage that fits odd spaces
  • Even bread drawers!

Being able to choose from among these storage options in addition to all of the choices available in styles and finishes means you can design your new dream kitchen to be fully customized for you and how you cook—while staying within the semi custom cabinet budget.

Now that’s a recipe for success!