Forget Fine Furniture That Doesn’t Fit: Choose Semi Custom Cabinets Instead

Have you ever needed to fill a space in a room and struggled to find the right size, type and shape of furniture to do so? It might be an odd corner behind a door, or a narrow space where’d you really like a hutch to hold fine china, or even a storage solution for your mudroom.

If you have done this search, your experience might be like mine: time-consuming and often fruitless.

Have you consider using semi-custom cabinets instead? High-end, customized cabinets are furniture for your kitchen yes, but they can add function and class to just about any room in your house.

In the bathroom: Semi custom cabinets can make your bathroom not only more functional, because you’re getting just what you want for the space vs. what comes standard from a big-box store, but it can make it more beautiful too. When you have hundreds of combinations to choose from among door styles and finishes and glazes and more, you can get exactly what you want for your new bathroom.

As a bar: What is a bar but furniture? Albeit furniture designed to enhance imbibing and socializing, and semi custom cabinets can help to make your vision and your entertaining come true. Rather than try to adapt a freestanding piece of furniture, you can have semi custom cabinets created for your space and how you want it to function, whether you’re serving Merlot or martinis.

In your study or office: Imagine how functional and clutter-free your study or your office might be if you had built-in furniture in the form of semi custom cabinets? You not only get the look, feel and design you want, but also furniture that will fit the space, whether a small one or a big one, a tall one or an awkward one.

In your entertainment or recreation room: As with your kitchen, you’ll appreciate storage in your entertainment or rec room…and why not have the storage be eye-popping and gorgeous, as well as fitted perfectly to your space? Semi custom cabinets can make that happen. Picture cabinets all along a wall with plenty of room for storing movies and music, games and puzzles, Playstations and cables…and more! No more clutter, only gorgeous furniture that hides it all away.

In your mudroom: If your house is like our house, the mudroom is a repository for all kinds of items beyond shoes and coats and gloves. Imagine semi custom cabinets built for the space that give you a place to take everything away…and keep the room looking anything like a mud room.

Even in your living room: Check out the semi custom cabinets flanking either side of this stately fireplace. They are like the built-ins of older homes that were both functional and attractive…and they are making a comeback here. These semi custom cabinets fir perfectly into the alcoves created by the fireplace and chimney, for storage but also display. And they look gorgeous doing so!

Semi custom cabinets: fine furniture for just about any room in your house.