4 Tips to Organize Your Best Kitchen Design Ideas Using Pinterest

Are you one of the 100 million people using Pinterest? If so, you’re off to a good start in planning your new kitchen! As a design tool, Pinterest is invaluable. And if you’re working with a kitchen designer, you can easily share your boards with that designer, so he or she quickly gets familiar with what you like and react to.

If you’re daydreaming about a new kitchen and you want to use Pinterest in planning, here are 4 tips to help you do so in an organized way…

Tip 1: Plan your boards ahead of time

Rather than have one board where you’re going to put all of your kitchen design ideas and inspiration pins, consider starting out with several boards so you a) don’t get overwhelmed by a board with hundreds of pins, and b) can easily find pins again when you want them. For example, you might want one board for kitchen design ideas, another for kitchen cabinets, and another for appliances.

But be flexible. Your boards will probably change as you’re thinking and planning and pinning. Maybe you start with a board devoted to appliances, then later you realize you want to break that down into one board for ranges and another refrigerators, and so on, or you realize you want a board for kitchen cabinet finishes. Do it.

Tip 2: Don’t think, pin

Before Pinterest, one of my favorite pastimes was to curl up with a home decorating magazine and a cup of tea. I’d flip through the pages and daydream. When I found pictures of rooms, furniture or accessories that appealed to me, I ripped the pages out of the magazine without asking myself why I liked it. That’s how my aunt, an interior decorator, taught me to do it. “Don’t ask yourself what you like about the picture,” she instructed me, “just save it. You’ll figure out why later when you start to see common themes.”

I find Pinterest works the same way: When I pin what I like without thinking about why, I start building a board that reflects an aesthetic or style both accidentally and on purpose.

So pin what you react to emotionally as well as intellectually.

Tip 3: Take time to edit the comments

That said, when you are saving a pin for a particular reason, take time to edit the comments so you can note why you are saving that pin. Maybe it’s the light fixture, or the rug, or the oak cabinets. Whatever it is that you like about the picture, make note of it in the comment to remind yourself later. If you’re pinning an image because the image as a whole pleases you (per the advice above), note that in the comments too, so you’re not later asking yourself, “Why did I pin this??” (Note: I find it’s much easier to edit comments when I’m on my laptop vs. my phone.)

Tip 4: Go ahead, delete

Whatever you pin can be taken down. When I was shopping for a new sofa a few years ago, I’d pin pictures of sofas I liked to a decorating board. After buying a sofa, I took all of those pins down because I no longer needed them. The same might happen for you, when you get that faucet finally, or you find the farmhouse sink you wanted. Or your taste might change. Maybe you wanted oak cabinets and now you’re drawn to light gray cabinets. Take down the pins you no longer need (or want) to reduce clutter on your boards.

Using Pinterest to look for and save your best kitchen design ideas can help you plan, keep your organized, communicate your vision to your designer…and be extremely fun, as you daydream and dink around!