The Only 5 Styles of Semi Custom Cabinets You Need to Know

When you’re shopping for semi custom cabinets, you might suddenly realize that wow, there are a lot of choices in cabinet styles! As in dozens if not hundreds! And that means it can be easy to be overwhelmed and hard to be decisive.

So let’s make it easier to be decisive instead, shall we? All we need to do is break it down. Sure, there are many styles to choose from, but don’t start at those semi custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers’ websites. Instead, first choose from among the five most popular style categories of semi custom cabinets. Then once you’ve narrowed down your choices that way, you’ll be in a better position to choose a particular style of cabinet.

We’re going to start with the simplest and work our way up to the fancier types of cabinets…

The slab kitchen cabinet door style

This door style is the simplest. It’s streamlined and modern, making it a perfect style for a contemporary kitchen. It’s also the easiest to keep clean!

Shaker style kitchen cabinets

The next category is Shaker style kitchen cabinets. These traditional cabinets have a clean, simple look , but with a little more detail. Still they are classic yet unadorned, making them a versatile choice among semi custom cabinets.

The flat panel kitchen cabinet door style

This is a versatile style for sure, in that it can be done in a wide variety of ways for a wide variety of looks. The term “inset” refers more to the construction and you could technically say the Shaker style kitchen cabinets are also inset. The difference is in the details that a flat panel door style can offer. If you like the look of flat panels and you want traditional cabinets, you’ll have plenty of style choices for your new kitchen!

The raised panel door style

This style of door also fits in the traditional cabinets category, and—like the flat panel style—it offers you an incredible range of choices among semi custom cabinets. Although classic and timeless, it is also the fanciest of the categories we’ve covered so far, and probably the style to consider if you’re dreaming of an elegant kitchen rich in details.

Finally, the bead board kitchen cabinet door

If you’re not going for elegance, but more of a homey cottage or farmhouse look, consider the bead board style. It’s also a classic and timeless choice among semi custom cabinets, but it’s not as versatile as say Shaker style kitchen cabinets. The bead board has a definite look to it making it perfect for certain kitchens but not for all. (It is also the hardest to keep clean if you’re choosing white or antique white as your finish).

And there you have it: We’ve taken your hundreds of options in semi custom cabinets and broken it down to just five. Start here, with one of these choices, and you’ll be in a much better position to start your shopping for your new kitchen cabinets.