Yes, You SHOULD Be Picky When Picking Out Your Semi Custom Cabinets!

It’s not just a cliché. Kitchens really are the heart of the home. The kitchen is the room in which we gather to eat, to talk, to celebrate. It’s where we prepare the food that nourishes us and then work together to clean up after (we hope). In fact, kitchens are more the heart of a home, they are the magnet within a home: People are drawn to them. Period.

Even when I had a tiny kitchen in my old house, that’s where most people would hang out when we gave a party. The small room would be crowded with folks crammed in elbow to elbow chatting while hardly anyone could be found in the much roomier dining and living rooms!

That’s why you should to be picky right now! Yes, you should be investing so much time and energy into choosing the kitchen design, layout and semi custom cabinets that are going to bring your kitchen vision to life. Your kitchen is one of the most important—if not the most important—rooms in your house. It must look good, function well, and last for a long time.

Choosing from among semi custom cabinets

When you’re starting your search for the semi custom cabinets that will make your dream kitchen come to life, you have several factors to consider…and the right to take your time to consider them all carefully!


Many semi custom cabinets come in a variety of woods, like cherry, maple and oak. Each of these types of wood has its own advantages over the others, and there are differences in price. Do you research and make sure you’re choosing a wood that matches your long-term goals in addition to your vision. What if you really like the wood grain to show, but that texture won’t work with the gray color you’d like? Or let’s say you like cherry but it won’t fit your budget. Get to know the woods and their plusses and minuses and be sure to think both short- (as in design) and long-term (as in durability).


These days, you can choose from dozens of styles of semi custom cabinets, which is both a blessing and a curse! On the one hand, it’s nice to know you have so many options, especially when you have a distinct vision for your kitchen. On the other, it can be overwhelming! So, as with choosing the wood, be clear on the design considerations but also long-term ones: Is that style of cabinet going to please you still in 10 years? Does it offer the easy maintenance you’ll want if you have young ones running around the kitchen with messy hands? Does the style match your house, enhancing the resale value? Talk with your designer about the styles you’re drawn to and how they do or don’t fit with your lifestyle and long-term goals for your kitchen.


Finally, there’s the finish of your cabinets, the surface color or treatment that will complete your look and make your kitchen cabinets stand out. As with the styles, you have dozens of finishes to choose from. They range from stains to paints to glazes, and you can choose from different treatments such as distressed, heirloom and brushed as well. Now is when you really get to start making your dream kitchen come to life! So take your time choosing! Also know that there are semi custom cabinet manufacturers who can match a paint color, if you have a definite color in mind for your cabinets.

You have every right to be careful, picky and selective when choosing your semi custom cabinets. So go ahead, take your time. It’s your vision, your kitchen, your dream.

In the gorgeous kitchen pictured here: Bradenton style cabinets in Maple with Nutmeg Chocolate stain.