“Going for Broke” in the Oak Kitchen

If you’ve been on Pinterest because you’re thinking about an oak kitchen for your new kitchen or kitchen remodel, you might already know what I’m about to tell you: oak kitchens are versatile kitchens! And by that I don’t mean versatile in the sense that you can get lots done, from cooking to homework to crafting. By versatile, I mean the oak kitchen can go a lot of different design directions.

But oak is also such a beautiful wood that it can be just that: oak. And this kitchen is a remarkable example of that…

The oak kitchen as standard

People have been using oak for their kitchen cabinets for decades. Oak is a beautiful, durable wood that stands up well to the heavy use a kitchen gets, and even the moisture generated by cooking and washing up. For kitchen cabinets that will look good and last, oak is a great choice.

But an oak kitchen is also a beautiful kitchen. Unlike some of the other woods often used for kitchen cabinets, oak has a noticeable wood grain. For those of us who love the look of wood, this texture is attractive and appealing, and it can become part of the “look” of your oak kitchen. Oak also comes in a variety of shades, from yellow to pink to honey and more. And it turns out that oak can carry a room…

The oak kitchen as…well, oak!

This oak kitchen really plays up that quality of the wood, celebrating the color and grain of all things oak, from the cabinet to the ceiling, floor and even walls. The result? A warm, welcoming all-wood kitchen that’s a charming mix of homey and refined. The wide plank walls and simple shaker style cabinets give this oak kitchen a slightly rustic feel but that’s balanced by the sophisticated touches such as the fancy faucet, the elaborate cornice under the kitchen’s island top, and the scroll work on the vent hood. The stainless steel appliances also help to balance out the room, offering a counter to the warm honey of all the wood.

Overall, it’s an extremely appealing, attractive kitchen, and one any of us would love to cook or eat in. With the grainy quality and warm color of the wood, this kitchen can’t help but say, “Welcome! Come on in and have a seat!”

Who would have thought a kitchen going for broke with oak would be such a beauty? Well played, oak kitchen, well played!