Build a Home Bar With Semi Custom Cabinets

Are you considering adding a bar to your home for entertaining? Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade the one you’re using? When you’re building a home bar with kitchen cabinets, semi custom cabinets make it possible to create a customized bar space that fits your existing décor, fits your space, or allows you to make a whole new style statement in your home.

Building a home bar with kitchen cabinets

People enjoy entertaining at home, but a home bar can be a treat even when you don’t have guests coming over. It can be a refuge, a place to switch gears and recharge at the end of a hectic day, as you allow your mind to go from work mode to home mode.

But how do you go from envisioning this refuge to making it a reality? Seriously consider using semi custom cabinets.

Why semi custom cabinets are a sensible choice for your home bar

Today’s semi custom cabinets can be built to fit your available space, with all the extras you’ll need to make it a fully functioning bar (minus the liquor and limes, of course). These extras can include wine bottle storage, stemware racks, a small refrigerator for beer and mixers or a wine refrigerator (or both). Glass-front cabinets can show off your bottles or your glassware, and differentiate the “bar” area from other semi custom cabinets in the kitchen or entertainment room—or help all the cabinets to blend together for a unified look.

Semi custom cabinets give you unparalleled flexibility

Creating a bar using semi custom cabinets also gives you flexibility, which is key if you’re working with a small or awkward space. Because not many homes come with a designated bar area! Most homeowners are going to be retrofitting an existing space to work. Buying a prebuilt home bar might not work. However, it doesn’t matter if your bar is going in the basement of the corner of the dining room or at the end of your entertainment room when you’re using cabinets that can be configured to fit almost any space.

Building a home bar with kitchen cabinets can be cost-effective

Using semi custom cabinets for your home bar can also keep your costs down, giving you a custom look without a custom price. Semi custom cabinets are the smart choice for homeowners installing new kitchens because they offer the look of custom cabinetry without the high price tag. The same holds true for your home bar—and wouldn’t you rather hang on to some of that budget for a well-stocked bar that includes Bombay Sapphire gin and some very old scotch?

Finally, using semi custom cabinets when building a home bar gives you incredible flexibility in style, color and design choices. When you have hundreds of combinations to choose from, as at Wellborn Forest Products, you can create a signature home bar that will impress your guests, make your home the first choice for any future gatherings, and offer you that pleasing place of respite at the end of a crazy day.