Homeowner, Meet Maple: Getting to Know Maple Cabinets

Although the world is full of tree types, only a few types of wood are typically used to make semi custom cabinets. At Wellborn Forest Products, for example, we offer just four types: cherry, oak, and maple cabinets. We can meet just about any design need with these four versatile and quality woods, so we don’t have a reason to build our cabinets with any other type.

And with the versatility of maple cabinets, it’s as if we offer many kinds of woods to choose from!

Maple cabinets are extremely durable, and people have been making furniture from maple for many years. That in and of itself makes maple a great choice for kitchen cabinets, where the wood tends to get a beating from the heavy use of that room.

But it’s the maple wood’s versatility that really lends itself to being such a smart choice for semi custom cabinets. Don’t picture the maple of your youth, only light-toned and bland. Maple can be so much more! (We just didn’t know it back then, I guess.) Instead, clear your mind of any preconceived notions about what maple looks like—because it can look like just about anything, including stain, paint and custom finishes.

Stained maple cabinets

Maple cabinets can be stained to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, but they can also be stained to look like something else—even a dark walnut. Maple has a smooth, even grain that can be stained for a consistent look. Whether you choose to highlight the color of the wood or darken (or lighten) the wood to look like something else, you’ll have an attractive end result.

Painted maple cabinets

That smooth even grain that makes maple a good choice for stain also makes maple cabinets a good choice for painting. Whether you’re thinking simply antique white or a light gray, or you have a definite color in mind and you’re going to use our YourColor paint matching to get an exact color you’ve fallen in love with, maple cabinets will deliver.

Custom-finished maple cabinets

Maple is also a perfect choice if you’re going to choose from among our hand-wiped glazes, pencil glazes, and heirloom finishes. These glazes and finishes give your kitchen a fully customized look, even when you use the more affordable semi custom cabinets. (Hint: Semi custom cabinets can be as gorgeous as custom cabinets without the price tag!) And with maple as the wood under the finish, you know you’ll get a consistent look throughout, on every single door and drawer.

Maple might not be the sexiest of the woods you can choose from for your new kitchen cabinets. It might not have the panache of say walnut or cherry. But it you want a wood that’s going to go the distance for you, lasting for many years, while also being willing to give you almost any look you desire, maple is the wood for you.