Clever Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas Can Mean More Home-Cooked Meals

What do kitchen cabinet storage ideas have to do with obesity? Bear with me, and you’ll see…

Research indicates that the more time we spend on preparing food for our families, the healthier we tend to eat. However, we can’t magically conjure up more time in a day (and how many of us have wished we had more than the measly 24 hours to get everything done?), but we can set up our kitchens to be more efficient to make cooking easier. That’s where kitchen cabinet storage ideas come into play.

Not cooking equals not healthy

Americans already spend less time on cooking and cleanup than other countries, and often we’re eating out or eating dinners we didn’t cook. It turns out we now eat faster too. At the same time, we have an obesity rate that’s much higher than other countries. Coincidence? Probably not. Again and again, researchers point to lack of time as a factor.

Family dinners have significant benefits

But cooking and eating at home can make a significant difference, with family dinners proven to have many benefits for kids, from healthier diets to better grades. That means, getting back to the kitchen is well worth the effort. And with today’s clever kitchen cabinet storage ideas, the family member doing the cooking can reduce that kitchen time by at least a little bit.

Clever kitchen storage makes cooking and cleanup easier

Clever kitchen cabinet storage ideas can make utensils and cookware easier to find and put to use. A handy pull-out spice rank shows you right away that yes, you do have paprika. Appliance garages keep countertops clear. And a well-organized kitchen makes cleaning up easier, because the kids will know where everything goes!

In addition, modern appliances are constantly getting more high tech, which can also be a boon to the home cook, as we preheat our ovens while on the way home from work, and let the fridge keep track of the groceries we need.

If you’re planning a new kitchen, give serious thought to the kitchen cabinet storage ideas you can have built right in, when using semi custom cabinets. If you design your kitchen with efficiency in mind from the very start, you can buck the trend and cook your meals at home, for healthier bodies, minds and families.