Amp Up Traditional Cabinets by Mixing Light Gray Cabinets With Black

Say you want traditional cabinets because you like the timeless style, but you want to modernize the look so your kitchen doesn’t look dated, and honestly, you’re taken with black kitchen cabinets—but maybe you’re wary of black because it seems like you’d get a sleek and ultra modern kitchen…which isn’t what you’re going for either.

Here’s a possible solution! Take a look at this kitchen that combines black kitchen cabinets with light gray cabinets. These Wellborn Forest Products cabinets are the elegant Boston style. As for the finishes, the black cabinets are Java, and the light gray cabinets are Willow.

Why this kitchen with light gray cabinets works so well

The Boston style offers the look of traditional cabinets, but the black color brings this kitchen into the 21st century. Then combined with the light gray cabinets for the kitchen island, complemented by the light gray hood over the range, this kitchen becomes even more modern in appearance while still reflecting the classic, time-honored and timeless look.

This kitchen has a surprising natural look as well, which might be why it looks so up-to-date. The cabinets are painted, but the countertop and backsplash use natural stone materials and the floor is a gorgeous dark wood. All of these natural elements work to keep the kitchen from appearing overly modern.

Black and gray provide a backdrop for the natural materials

Combining black traditional cabinets with light gray cabinets also allows the other natural colors and textures to shine. The flecks of color in the granite countertop are highlighted by the black and gray backdrop of the cabinets. The earth-toned bricks used as the backsplash along the walls also pop, as the colors and textures stand out in contrast to the smooth painted cabinets.

With all of this going on, this kitchen doesn’t need much adornment, and it pulls off a subtle sophistication with the masterly combination of black traditional cabinets, light gray cabinets, and refined use of natural materials.

If you’re leaning towards black or even gray cabinets, let this kitchen be an example of the versatility of these modern yet timeless colors!