How to Round up Pinterest Kitchen Cabinets Ideas Galore

Are you into Pinterest kitchen cabinets research? I admit that when I was first introduced to Pinterest, I did not get it. I was planning a wedding and a friend made it sound like Pinterest was the answer to all my problems. The real problem was, I didn’t understand how it worked. Oh, boy, was that a lifetime ago! Now I use Pinterest for all kinds of searches and inspiration, from cooking to sewing to decorating to gardening—even for doing research into turkey housing! (Yes, I did that!)

We’ve mentioned Pinterest before in the Wellborn Forest blog, with four tips for organizing your kitchen design ideas using Pinterest. (If you didn’t read it before, do so now; I just re-read it and it’s good advice!) But Pinterest is such a rich resource, of course, we have more to say on the subject.

Below we give you a few more reasons to turn to Pinterest for help with planning your new kitchen cabinets…

Kitchen cabinet ideas Pinterest style

Flexibility is perhaps the best thing about using Pinterest for planning your new kitchen. You can make boards for any category you like, then change them out, rename them, replace them, delete them, break them into smaller categories, share them with others—whatever you want. Compared to saving ideas another way, say with files on your computer or clippings, I think this is by far the most flexible option.

For example, let’s say you’re not really thinking about kitchen storage ideas yet because really, your focus in choosing your kitchen cabinets. So you see some clever ideas about storage, and you pin them on your Pinterest kitchen cabinets board. But then later, you realize this is a topic you want to think about more and plan for, so you start a new board just for storage ideas and move your pins there, plus pin new ones there.

Using Pinterest can help you focus

Although it’s flexible and you might think that would make it harder to focus, in my experience, that flexibility helps me focus on what’s really important. Think about it. You could have boards for all the different considerations for your new kitchen, including:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen storage ideas
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Kitchen colors
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Faucets
  • Accessories
  • Ceiling ideas
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen islands
  • Kitchen furniture

If you were to put all of your pins in one board, maybe a “Dreaming of a New Kitchen” board, you’d lose sight of the ideas you do and don’t like and you would have a harder time making choices later. Using boards to categorize and organize will help you focus when it’s decision time.

Pinterest kitchen cabinets research

Pinterest is also a useful tool for planning your new kitchen because you can fully explore an idea. For example, maybe you’re considering a kitchen island that’s darker than your kitchen cabinets, or you’re thinking about a tuxedo cabinet approach. With Pinterest, you can seek out plenty of images to help you decide whether you like something or not. You can get out of trying to picture something in your mind, and see what others have done. And if you change your mind? Delete that board!

Finally, Pinterest is a wonderful place for researching kitchen cabinets and design ideas because anyone and everyone can contribute. Unlike going to a design website that will only show you pictures by kitchen designers (which are gorgeous!), going to Pinterest lets you see what other homeowners like you have done with their kitchens. And it can be less intimidating to look at some of those photos compared to the professional photos of the designers’ work!