The Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends for 2017

Predicting design trends is in many ways easier than choosing the winning racehorse at the track, because you have (pardon the pun) a track record to base your predictions on. No trend comes out of nowhere, to surprise us all. When pundits and designers lay out their trends for the coming year, they are looking at the popularity of design elements during the previous one, to see which trends rise to the top. Then it’s a safe bet that trend will continue in popularity during the upcoming year.

Out of curiosity as a semi custom cabinets company, we took a look at the kitchen design predictions for 2017, in particular those related to cabinetry, and we noticed a consistency among all the various lists in these that we’re calling the top four:

  1. The popularity of light gray cabinets
  2. Transitional kitchen cabinets as a design trend
  3. Contrast in cabinets, especially with two tone kitchen cabinets
  4. An emphasis on functionality, especially storage

That’s the list. And here’s a deeper dive into each trend, and a link to learn more…

Trend 1: Light gray cabinets continue to catch up to white

White kitchen cabinets are still the most popular choice, but light gray cabinets—or really any kind of gray cabinets—continue to creep up on white’s popularity.

Trend 2: Transitional kitchen cabinets grow in popularity

Transitional kitchen cabinets are cabinets that can work with a variety of design styles. Essentially they can “transition” from more traditional to more contemporary or any style in between. Rather than choose a cabinet that is elaborate and only appropriate for an ornate kitchen, or choose a cabinet that’s sleek and will only work in a modern kitchen, homeowners and designers are choosing semi custom cabinets that can fit with almost any décor when they choose transitional.

Trend 3: Two tone kitchen cabinets provide contrast

Among the design predictions, we’re seeing quite a few about what we’ll call contrast: pairing black and white in a kitchen, for example, or using two tone kitchen cabinets for contrast. To understand why this trend is a popular one for 2017, read four reasons why two tone kitchen cabinets might be the right semi custom cabinets for you.

Trend 4: Functionality is foremost

Again and again while looking into 2017 kitchen design trends, we saw references to functionality, meaning functional layouts, functional appliances, and functional cabinets, especially when it comes to storage. How does this relate to semi custom cabinets? Because your cabinets can be designed to be extremely functional, with clever storage solutions, deep drawers and more. And chances are you won’t ever complain about your kitchen being too functional!

That’s a wrap up of our top four kitchen cabinet design trends for 2017! How about you? What kinds of trends are you drawn to while you’re shopping for semi custom cabinets? What has you excited about the possibilities as you plan to make your dream kitchen come true?