What Can You Expect From Semi Custom Cabinets? Quality and Quantity Both

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel or a kitchen for a new home, you might be asking about custom vs. semi custom cabinets. Many consumers aren’t sure what “semi custom” really means. They know what custom means and what modular means, because those are both straightforward, black and white. They also know what to expect from each category.

Semi custom cabinets, however, are a gray area, and consumers are right to be unsure what the term really means. Why? Because there is so much that’s possible with this option for your kitchen, or your bath. Semi custom cabinets are extremely versatile, and as close to custom as you can get.

So, what can you expect from semi custom cabinets? Almost anything, but most especially quality cabinets and quantity choices…

Semi custom cabinets=quality and quantity both

Some people think that to get the kitchen of their dreams, they would have to pay a whole lot of money for custom kitchen cabinets—and then wait a whole lot of time for their new kitchen to become a reality. So they give up on that dream kitchen.

But they shouldn’t! These kitchen dreams can come true with semi custom cabinets! In today’s world, semi custom is practically custom, with cabinet door styles, as well as finishes, glazes, stains and colors, almost endless in the quantity of choices. And with custom paint color matching, your color choice can be one of a kind—which is about as custom as you can get.

If you have an oddly shaped room or some unusual requests, then you’ll likely have to choose custom cabinets. But for most people, the choices in styles and finishes make semi custom cabinets not only a sensible choice, but a beautiful one too.

This gorgeous kitchen is built with semi custom cabinets.

Look at this gorgeous kitchen with maple cabinets. Does it look like a kitchen done with semi custom cabinets to you? Because it is. These cabinets are our Wyndham style in maple wood with the Honey Chocolate Heirloom finish. And this kitchen is gorgeous with the maple cabinets in an elegant profile paired with a rich granite counter top and dark wood floor. With so many sizes, shapes and types of cabinets one might think custom cabinets would have been required.

But they weren’t. And your kitchen probably doesn’t require them either. Choose semi custom and get the quality manufacturer and look you want, with the quantity of choices that will help make your new kitchen as custom you’d like it to be.

Unless you already know you have to go custom, take a serious look at semi custom cabinets, and save yourself not just money, but time and hassle too.