You Haven’t Seen an Oak Kitchen Like This Before!

When you think of an oak kitchen, you might picture a country style kitchen like those popular in the 1980s, with natural wood cabinets, curtains embroidered with chickens, and some farm-y looking accessories. But this oak kitchen is about to change your perception of what an oak kitchen can be!

Why people still choose an oak kitchen when remodeling

Oak has been a popular choice for kitchen cabinets for a very long time and it probably will stay ever popular, for several good reasons. First off, there’s the look of oak. For those of us who enjoy the texture of real wood, oak has an attractive noticeable grain. It’s also a hard wood that’s quite durable—always a good thing for busy kitchens that get lots of use! It’s a lot less likely to get dinged up and damaged over time, and it stands up to moisture better than some other woods. And finally, it’s versatile, easily stained to create the look you want for your new kitchen.

What does an oak kitchen look like?

An oak kitchen can look like whatever you want! Although the natural wood is appealing on its own, and colors range from yellow to beige to pink and even red, oak can also be stained a lovely darker shade. Only soak up the glamour of this elegant, luxurious oak kitchen pictured here and you’ll see what we mean. Yes, the cabinets are oak, but the wood has been stained a gorgeous deep rich brown. (These cabinets are the Avenue style in oak wood with our mahogany finish.)

At Wellborn Forest Products, your oak kitchen can be stained in a wide range of shades, and even gray. We can finish your cabinets with a pencil glaze on the stain. We do oak cabinets with glazes. And we can paint your cabinets, add a glaze over the paint, or do an heirloom glaze. All told, we offer almost 60 different ways to color or shade your kitchen cabinets to create exactly the kind of oak kitchen you’re dreaming of.

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