Quality Kitchen Cabinets: 11 Ways Cabinets Can Be at Home in Any Room

Why do we want quality kitchen cabinets in our kitchens? For efficient and attractive storage of items such as cookware, dishes, and food. But we have a need to store items in other rooms too, so why not put cabinets to use in those rooms as well? Today’s cabinets are available in so many colors, stains and styles that it’s easy to create an attractive, built-in look that makes your cabinets like furniture—only one hundred times more useful.

We took a look around the Internet and discovered people are using quality kitchen cabinets in just about every room of the house—and outside the house as well. Here are 11 ideas to get you thinking about your own home and how you can do the same:

In the playroom

Although parents with a playroom are fortunate to have a designated place for the mess we call toys, they still need a way to put those toys away at the end of the day and keep those same toys in easy reach of little bodies. Built-in custom cabinets can do the job, cut the clutter, and even keep toys organized by child or type.

In the kids’ bedrooms

Why do we buy dressers for kids? I swear, they have an aversion to actually using them, and they seem to have more stuff than they do clothes. If my kids were young all over again, I’d probably forego the dresser and opt for built-in cabinets instead!

In the mudroom or laundry room

Only peruse Pinterest and you’ll see gorgeous mudrooms and laundry rooms made super efficient with the use of custom cabinetry. As in the playroom, built-in cabinets can keep a room tidy, and ensure everyone has a place for their stuff in the mudroom or their laundry in the laundry room.

In the bathroom

Quality kitchen cabinets can make a small bathroom more efficient, a large bathroom into a his-and-hers space, or any bathroom into an attractive one.

In the dining room

Have you ever been inside an older home and marveled at the efficiency of the built-in cabinets in the dining room? Why did we stop building homes with that feature? It makes so much sense, to have the dishes and flatware where you need them. Lucky for us, we can emulate that old-fashioned practicality with built-in cabinets that will look and work just the same.

In the living room

Today’s cabinets can be built to look like furniture, yet customized to fit your space and your needs. Consider using kitchen cabinets in the living room for a combination of attractiveness and efficiency.

In the home office or study

The home office has become ubiquitous but we don’t really want our homes to look like our workplaces. That’s where quality kitchen cabinets can be used to save the day—and our sanity. Cabinets can provide storage of work materials, so they are tucked away and out of sight when you’re off the clock. Plus your home office will look polished and pulled together, which can increase your productivity!

In the media room

The media room is like the playroom in probably one of the most obvious places to use semi-custom cabinets to make the room attractive yet tidy. You easily can tuck away all those game controllers, DVDs, gadgets and more when not in use when you have somewhere to put them.

As a home bar

You might not have a separate room for your home bar, but using semi-custom cabinets can make it seem as if you do!

In the craft or sewing room

Admittedly, the kids have their toys and so do the grownups. For some of us grownups, those toys are related to crafts and sewing, and we make our own kind of messes as a result. With cabinets built into the room, you can easily stash away your painting supplies or fabric when not needed—and easily find them again when you get some free time to work on your project again.

In the garages or shops

Meanwhile, some of us grownups have our “toys” outside, in woodshops and garages. As with the craft room, quality kitchen cabinets in the shop or garage can help to keep supplies and tools neat and tidy when not in use—and easy to find when needed!

We do a lot of living in our homes—and not just in the so-called living room, but in every room we have available to us. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that living done with a bit less mess and a bit more style? Quality kitchen cabinets can make it so!